Coffee: Legends & Curiosity
The origin of the coffee

The origins of the coffee plant is lost in the mists of time
. A lot of legends says about the coffee and its tonic properties.
The stories asseigned the paternity of the coffee at different men.

A strange story says that a shepherd of Yemen noted that him goats became restless and excited after eating some reddish berries.
The shepherd said to a monk and he tried to prepare a drink with those reddish berries. The monk prepared a bitter drink able to give vigour at the drinker.

Another story says that in Ethiopia a wood bursted into flame diffusing an agreeable scent.

In the Islam a story says that Mohammed was very tired ad the Archangel Gabriel gave him a drink to make him stroger.

The origins of the coffee date back to the earliest times, the Holy Scriptures and the Homer's writings says about a drink whit tonic properties.

In XVI century the Turks retreated from Vienna and they forgotten some bags of coffee. Thus it was that the coffee arrives in Europe from Ethiopia spreading from Venice, but may be the coffee arrives in Europe before the battle of Vienna, infact it seems some Venetian merchants get it before this date.

It seems the first coffee-house in Italy born in 1640 while the first one born in Costantinople in 1554.

The first description of the coffee was written by the doctor Prospero Albino in 1592.

The use of the coffee spreaded in the Islam and in Occident.
The Roman Catholic Church named the coffee the "drink of the devil" until Pope Clemente VIII allowed the use.

Since this date the coffee spreaded all over the world. The consumers became millions both in Europe and in America.

Unintetionally king Gustavus III of Sweden gave proof of the "innocence" of the drink, showing that the coffee is not bed for the health.

In those times in Sweden there was the coffee supporters and the tea lovers. The King decided to make an experiment to demonstrate the truth about the coffe and the tea.
A pair of twins sentenced to death were the perfect "victims" of this experiment.
A brother had to drink coffee and the other one had to drink tea.
The King and the scientists didn't live enough to verify the results of the experiment, infact the brothers died over eighty!