L'Unione del Porto
L'Unione del Porto is a member of Lega Coop Liguria.
Logo Lega Cooperativa Ligure
Lega Coop Liguria is the association of the co-operative societies of Liguria, which are members of Lega Nazionale delle Cooperative e Mutue (Legacoop Nazionale).

Legacoop nazionale is composed by 13.000 co-coperative societies, 5 millions of partners and nearly 300.000 workers; it has an invoiced of 32 thousand millions euro.

Legacoop is member of A.C.I. (Alleanza Cooperativa Internazionale), which is composed more than 220 national associations and 800 millions of partners all over the world.

Legacoop promots, represents, protects, assists and controls the members.

The offices of the regional associations organize those primary activities of the Legacoop.

For info about Lega Cooperativa Ligure
visit the website www.legaliguria.coop