L'Unione del Porto
Biological Prducts

clicca per ingrandire Until 2004 importers must use North-Europe harbours to import biological products from extra EEC countries.

To solve this problem in 2004 L'Unione del Porto requested the ammission to the system of control of Consorzio dei Prodotti Biologici of Bologna to stock, clear and reship the biological products travelling on Genoa's harbour.

L'Unione del Porto would like to transfer a large amount of trafic in Genoa to create good openings for business.

logo Consorzio dei prodotti BiologiciThanks to the multi-year experience in the field of coffee from extra EEC countries, L'unione del Porto would like to create a lung of receipt and reshipping of goods that are certified by reg. EEC 2092/91.

The purpose is guarantee the absolutely safety to the importers and their consumers.